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Greetings, Welcomed and unwelcomed you are here now. Here lay my mindless ramblings, my demons, my angels, my soul, my thought and my entire being on display; uncensored, untouched and raw. To be seen by those whom fate entices, enjoy. For here contains a copious expanse of imagery, word and life. Some created with my nimble hands, and some by others. 21 years tendered, I am just an apprentice, a student striving to learn from the space that surrounds me. To create, to destroy, to guide, to mislead, to beckon, to chase, the product shall be developed despite the means of which it was obtained. Lucid Dreaming is the act of being able to control or manipulate one's own dreams. It is something I do not partake in often, for I rather let my dreams manipulate and control my being. For I am the one who dreams with their eyes open. ---------------------------------------------------------